Michael Yung is a Staffordshire based web designer who is passionate about all things creative, bacon sandwiches and chocolate cake... yeah, there's a good chance this site will end up just talking about food ^__^;

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About Michael Yung

How do you talk about yourself without it sounding like a lonely hearts ad?

"I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and watching the sunrise..."

I don't like any of those things. Well, maybe eating the dinner - not the candlelight part.

I've been a professional web designer for over 4 years now - almost 3 years with Internet Business Solutions. I'm really proud to have been a part of Netbiz from almost the very beginning - watching the company grow from strength to strength. I'll have to stop before I get too sappy..

I like to think I'm pretty good at designing websites. I'm pretty nifty at the old html and css - but you have to be in this business.

I dabble in pretty much all aspects of web design, from illustration to video, flash and photography. Hopefully I'll get some examples up soon! This site is virtually empty~

I do the merest smidgen of the most basic PHP - enough to get me by in most situations, but anything more I'll leave it in the capable hands of our hardcore web developers and programmers. I think they are truly amazing - I could never do what they do. They might actually be certified geniuses... or wizards. It's like magic I swear.

I suppose this entire site is "About Me". I see lots of other people's portfolio sites and it features lots of beautiful, exciting work - but it doesn't really give you a feel about the person behind it, their thought process and their personality.

That's why I've gone for a more bloggy approach for this website. I'll be writing candidly about what's going on in my world and you'll be able to see what influences me and my work.

Hopefully you'll get a good feel for who I am, what I'm like and maybe you'll decide you want to work with me and the company I work for~ ^__^