Michael Yung is a Staffordshire based web designer who is passionate about all things creative, bacon sandwiches and chocolate cake... yeah, there's a good chance this site will end up just talking about food ^__^;

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When I was little I wanted to be a chef. I loved to cook. Creating something delicious and making people happy really was a wonderous idea. But there was one crucial drawback... I hated handling raw meat - I still don't like it. It's horrible. I'll touch it if I have to but I will go to lengths to avoid it. But I could never be a vegetarian...

Then I really wanted to be a pastry chef - don't need to touch meat, I love desserts, it was perfect. But my family aren't big sweet-eaters and they got really tired of me baking stuff everyday.

Then I realised I don't love cooking - I love eating!

Ah~♥ Imagine being paid to eat at fancy restaurants! Being a food critic would be awesome... I wonder how you get that gig!

Anyway, I've decided to write reviews of the eateries I've been to.

I've also started cooking and baking stuff again and I'm scouring the web and the latest cookery books for awesome recipes. I'll post some of the recipes that I've tried-and-tested and my culinary escapades~♥

Sunday 7th March 2010

Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon Sandwiches
You didn't really think it was just a cute little introductory blurb did you? Bacon sandwiches, like the Internet, is serious business.

Sunday 28th February 2010

Woktastic, Birmingham UK

Woktastic, Birmingham UK
Cute Japanese-fusion restaurant. All you can eat sushi for 10~!