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Wednesday 3rd March 2010

T-ARA: I Go Crazy Because of You

It seems the bad-girl image is the latest craze amongst the girl groups this season. Girls' Generation (SNSD) started it off with a bad-girl teaser at the end of their cute cheerleader video for Oh! Then KARA had a cool, bad-ass concept for their single Lupin. Now T-ara has released their "Evil Seduction" concept for I Go Crazy Because of You. We haven't seen SNSD's dark concept in full, but it's safe to say that T-ara have seriously raised the bar. It is smoking hot and the performances are just as good - if not better!

It does sound very similar to Britney's Womanizer and If You Seek Amy. The video is hot, but a bit seizure inducing. There are more cuts than a Lenzflare video.

Here are their performances:

Sexy black outfits~♥ Some people complained that they didn't sing live for their first performance - but if you know anything about Korean fans, you'll know that some of them are pretty crazy will scream at the top of their lungs throughout the performance. You can hear them at the beginning and then it fades out - I'm guessing they HAD to dub over it. Screaming fans can really ruin live performances ;(

Yellow outfits ~♥

My favourite performance with the pink outfits~♥

Latest performance:

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