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Sunday 28th February 2010

Red vs Blue

Red vs Blue

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Subject matter: Brother's Kickboxing Sparring Session

Spending nearly two hours of my Sunday evening in a smelly gym, taking photos of sweaty guys working out and beating the crap out of each other, the stink steadily increasing by the minute.. not exactly my idea of fun.

The camera was a lot heavier than I thought and shooting non-stop for almost two hours made my arm really ache and it was sore for a week~ ;__; No upper arm strength you see..

My brother John is a fitness freak. He's studying Sports Nutrition at Staffordshire University. He wanted me to take photos of the fight club kickboxing sparring session he attends. The class is lead by Andre, John's classmate. Andre is also a bouncer, preparing for a professional kickboxing fight. How cool is that!

Andre is huge. He must outweigh my brother by several stone - I don't remember the exact figures but I remember it was about the weight of a young girl - like 5 stone. Not kidding. This fight/sparring match wasn't going to be exactly fair. But my little brother is lightning fast. Yay~

Shame my camera skills aren't as fast...

Even on the action/sports setting, the speed of the camera was not enough to capture some of the awesome punches and kicks that were exchanged. Anything I did manage to get was probably out of pure luck!

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