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Sunday 28th February 2010

Is it really the end of IE6?

I very much doubt it v__v; Not any time soon...

Even with the recent furore about IE6's security issues (Chinese hackers allegedly exploited a flaw to attack Google) it still has around a 20% share of the browser market. That is a lot.

(Who the hell is still using this god-forsaken thing! So help me, I will hunt you down...*shakes fist*)

The French and German governments have advised against using it. Was it just a knee-jerk reaction? Sadly, the UK government didn't follow suit... *sigh*

Microsoft swiftly released a patch and things seemed to die down again...

But now there is new hope! Google is going to drop it's support for IE6 in March (which at the time of writing means tomorrow!). Youtube (owned by Google) will follow a couple of weeks later.

Over 70 companies have banded together and created a website to speak out against IE6 use http://www.ie6nomore.com/

One design company in Denver is even going to hold a publicity stunt funeral on March 4th. They're predicting that without Google's support it will be the final nail in the coffin. But will it rise from the grave to bite us in the ass and eat our brains~

As we all know - Google does something and rest of the world will follow.
Or will it? *coughBuzzcough* Google also has it's own Chrome browser to attend to - dropping support for one of it's biggest rivals can only be a benefit.

But Microsoft are going to support IE6 until 2014. Twenty-frickin'-fourteen!! Another 4 years! Ugh!

Who are these 20% of people still using IE6?

I think in order for IE6 to die sooner, we need the support of the government. The British government and the armed forces are still using IE6. When I was working for the Royal Mail, they were still using IE6. But these people aren't using IE6 by choice.

How much revenue do you think businesses make from online sales made during a typical office worker's lunch break? How many of these people are using IE6? If you already have a website with Google Analytics installed you can see exactly where your traffic is coming from.

It's going to cost a heck of a lot of time and money to get all these huge organisations to upgrade their systems. Time and money better spent elsewhere? They've got 4 more years to do it - but when the time finally comes will they really pull the plug?

Why do developers and designers hate IE6?

IE6 is almost 10 years old - internet years are like dog years or worse. This thing is ancient and our creativity and ingenuity is going to suffer if we are forced to accomodate for it's limitations for another 4 years!

CSS 3 and HTML 5 are on our doorstep - and they've started knocking. The latest browsers are already starting to support it.

Every day at work is like a constant battle. When a beautiful, intricate design lands on my desk I get a sense of dread, fear and loathing..

Ooh~ fancy transparent layers and backgrounds? Up to the minute functionality? With IE6..? It's going to take twice as long or more.. or maybe not at all -__-;

Trying to get things to work the same in IE6 has driven me to the brink of madness and the verge of tears.

IE6 is the reason why we can't have nice things! ;__;

Not a day goes by without someone cursing it's existance. Without IE6 productivity could probably double. How much time would be saved if we didn't have to waste it fixing the same IE6 bugs time and time again?

I think we should have a cut-off date and after this date people should have to pay extra if they want their site to work on perfectly on IE6.

I'm no good at analogies but, what if the movie executives asked James Cameron to limit his vision,

"Avatar is great. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. I love it. But can you make sure it looks just as good and give people the same experience on a black and white tv? Actually I'm not asking, I'm telling. It has to look just as awesome on a 14inch black and white tv. Some people still have a black and white tv so we have to make sure they will still enjoy it! What do you mean it's impossible? Don't you tell me to fuck off"...

That's how I imagine that er.. telephone conversation would go...

Finally, to end this rant I've composed a haiku about my feelings of IE6~

I hate IE6. (5)
When will it die already! (7)
Hopefully this Spring. (5)

Yeah, you gotta include a seasonal reference in a haiku.

Is "Spring" one syllable?

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