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Sunday 28th February 2010

Girls' Generation: Oh!

I love Girls' Generation. They're my current musical obsession... by current I mean the last 18 months ~♥ I was only really dabbling in Kpop until they released their hit single Gee in January 2009. I've been seriously hooked ever since.

Oh! is title track off their latest full length album. It features a cute, sexy cheerleader look and a cute, colourful retro-y look. The song is pretty catchy and I just love the dance.

The ending also features a surprise bad-girl image that has been confirmed to be part of a follow-up music video. It has also just been confirmed that this video has just finished being filmed and rumours are that it's for a completely new song that's not on the album. But that remains to be seen and if it's for a song off the album it's probably Show! Show! Show!

Here's their latest performance:

last edited: Saturday 20th March 2010

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