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Sunday 7th March 2010

Dress Code for Creatives

Dress Code for Creatives

For the last three years we've been relying on our own common sense and judgement in regards to what we wear to work. The sales people generally wear suits and the designers dress casually, comfortably or trendy. Cool designer t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and pumps were the order of the day.

I thought we looked like an eclectic group of somewhat-fashionable, young designers. Nobody ever looked scruffy or unpresentable.

But now we've come to a mutual agreement that everyone was to dress "smart-casual" for work. Nothing official or set in stone in our contracts - we just agreed that with the ever expanding business it wouldn't hurt to look a little more professional when our clients were visiting.

But what do our clients really expect when they come to meet the design team? Do they expect everyone to be dressed smartly? What do they think when they see that we're all dressed in jeans and t-shirts or hoodies?

What is the definition of "Smart-casual". When I asked, we were told it was smart shirts or polo shirts, smart trousers or jeans, and smart shoes or white trainers. No t-shirts and no pumps. No mention of hoodies~♥

Hoodies probably make up of half my wardrobe! >__<; If hoodies were banned I would need to buy a whole load of new clothes. But I always wear a smart shirt beneath a hoodie and sometimes I might even wear a tie for fun. I think it's looks suitably "smart-casual".

YES, I wear ties for FUN!

I have all these ties at home that I never get an opportunity to wear. I bought them years ago for job interviews and such, but with a relaxed workplace you don't really get to wear them.

With the new dress-code, I've been wearing a tie almost everyday~ Sometimes it feels like I'm cosplaying as an accountant or something, but otherwise it's cool.

Actually it's not cool - there's the serious issue of HEAT. The office temperature to be precise. It could be freezing and snowing outside and it would be nearly 40°C upstairs! The sales people would have the heating on downstairs which rises upwards and there are no windows that can open for the heat to escape. What about the summer months with the Sun beaming down on our tin roof - we are literally baking!

It's only Spring and it's starting to get uncomfortably hot already - way too hot to wear a tie. Having a small wind-farm of electric fans just moves the hot air around because it's got nowhere else to go~!

I think clothes do reflect our personality and can also be another outlet of our creativity. Will making everyone dress smartly put everyone into a more professional mindset or will it reign in our creative flair?

So, we've been dressing smart-casual for the past two weeks. I've noticed that everyone is wearing dark colours. Looking around the office it is like a sea of black and grays~ but I've been favouring brighter colours like red, blue and yellow.

I think it's possible to feel creative and professional at the same time. What does everybody else think?

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