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Sunday 7th March 2010

Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon Sandwiches

I don't think there is a place within a mile's radius of my office that sells a decent bacon sandwich. There is a serious lack of greasy-spoon cafes and burger vans in the area.

I am tired of eating cold BLTs and bacon and egg mayonnaise sandwiches from the supermarket and sandwich vans - and sometimes they're soggy ;__; It's not the same as biting into a delicious, freshly cooked bacon sandwich (fried egg optional).

Seriously, I would catch myself day-dreaming about eating it for lunch and then... having to eat a cold, soggy sandwich instead. It's depressing! Lunch can really make or break your day.

We've been at the new office location for nearly two years now. Two years without a decent bacon sandwich at work...

I tell a lie.

A few months after we moved offices, my craving for a decent, freshly cooked bacon sandwich at work was so great that I went out and bought a small George Foreman Grill and took it to work - with a pack of bacon of course!

It was so good. The office was filled with the gorgeous aroma of sizzling bacon. I couldn't wait to eat my sandwich. Out of politeness, I asked if anyone else fancied a bacon sandwich... I didn't expect anyone to say yes. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY YES! MY BACON, NOT YOURS!

I kid, I kid. I would never deprive anyone the joys of a good bacon sandwich. I did end up spending most of my lunch hour that day cooking bacon... but hey, I love bacon and I love cooking for people. Win-win ♥

But then it started feeling weird. You can't cook bacon at work... can you? Is it normal? Do other people do it? Maybe my workplace is the coolest bacon-loving workplace on Earth? I dunno... I kinda stopped after the first... couple of times. It was stinking up the whole office... with the gorgeous smell of bacon that is~! Am I drooling? I think I'm actually drooling while I write this. I need to go make a bacon sandwich. RIGHT. NOW.

Doesn't it look good? Hold the lettuce and the tomato, I just want the bacon~!


Anyway, we moved offices again last year - we have an entire building to ourselves (which we're about to outgrow already!). There's an extractor fan in the office kitchen which eliminates the problem of the wonderful bacon smell permeating throughout the building, but the kitchen is pretty small and it gets really crowded and busy at lunch time. At any rate, there's just no TIME to cook bacon these days - we're all crazy-buzy with our work schedules and every minute counts! We sometimes have to work through our lunch hour (actually 45 minutes now). I miss the good ol' days back in our first offices... *cue dreamy flashback transition*

Back in Netbiz's formative years, our tiny offices were on a pretty large business park and there was quite a good fast-food shack and another cafe on site. They did some really good bacon and fried egg sandwiches~♥ I miss them a lot...

You would look forward to your lunch break, strolling over to the cafe and watch them cook the bacon and eggs in front of you, ask if you want any sauce on it, and you'd say "Yes, ketchup please~" (or brown sauce if you were that way inclined), and they wrap it up in foil and you'd take it back to the office to eat it and savour it... I miss those days ;__;

"Closed due to illness". The cafe shut-down with the advent of.. whichever disease was ravaging the country at the time. I want to say bird-flu... Anyway, the cafe didn't open again. I hope no-one died. It was run but some little old ladies :(

Our only option then was the fast-food stand/shack. They did some pretty good burger and chips and club sandwiches. They had almost everything you could possibly want from a fast-food stand... almost. The bread they used was so thick. I don't understand how people can eat sandwiches that are like 90% bread. I once took a bite out of a "doorstop" sandwich (is this a real type of sandwich?!) from a shop and got just a mouthful of bread! Horrible.

When the company started to expand dramatically, we couldn't stay in the tiny office anymore. We were moving on up!

We moved to a brand-spanking, newly built, big, top-floor office with a fantastic location... but was it really so magical? The area was like something out of the Twilight Zone - there were no shops within walking distance. It was a bacon-free zone. The closest convenience store was a fair drive away and their prices are sky-high - obviously taking advantage of their remoteness and lack of competition (almost a quid for a can of coke the last time we checked!). It's also the shop that sells the doorstop sandwiches...

A year later, after we moved again across the road into our very own building, a supermarket and chip shop sprouted up nearby. Now there's even a Chinese takeaway. But there's still no bacon sandwich place...

There are two sandwich vans that stop by the office - actually there's one - the first van just doesn't stop! It just drives around the car park, honks it's horn and leaves! It doesn't wait! What if I'm on the phone or in a meeting?! Even if I rush down the stairs I can't catch him. It's the one that sells lovely bacon and cheese oatcakes! -__-; Idiot, you have lost one potentially loyal customer!

The other sandwich van is nice, they sell soup and pies and hot sausage sandwiches - which is great BUT NOT THE SAME...

I was tempted to bring the George Foreman Grill back to work (I took it home because it wasn't being used), but now I'm told it has to be PAT tested. If I left it at work when the elecrician came around it could have been tested along with everything else, like the toaster and toasty-sandwich-maker I brought to work! Ugh!

Do you know who makes a really good bacon and fried egg sandwich? My friend Susan from work - our Business Development Manager. Talk about a hidden talent! We stayed over at her housewarming and she made us all bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning. It's the perfect hangover cure and probably the only thing I remember of that day ^__^;

I think I'll end my diatribe here. I don't know what I'm going to do for lunch on Monday.

last edited: Saturday 20th March 2010